BBC News

November, 2001: Fighting fear online As a back-up for the old-fangled method of counselling, a program called FearFighter is now in regular use at the NHS Stress Self-Help Clinic attached to Imperial College London.

PCT Growth

28th March 2007: NHS Endorse FearFighter as part of National Strategy. NICE and NHS Endorsement initiates Deployment of FearFighter across the NHS.

The Independent

December 1998: The computer programme, FearFighter, that Professor Isaac Marks and his team have produced, involves half-a-dozen one-hour sessions which show the patient how to use exposure therapy to confront his or her fear.

Danish Military

August 1st 2011: The Danish Military The Danish Military commission online CBT for returning troops, providing psychological support and self help, during the transition from active service into civilian life.

Cobalt Therapeutics

July 2011: Birmingham based CCBT Limited is pleased to announce a partnership with American Company Cobalt Therapeutics resulting in a shared vision of ‘Being recognised as the leading, gold-standard provider of eHealth programs and innovations by researchers, clinicians, patients and consumers worldwide’.

Face your fears

September 2011: Birmingham based CCBT Limited is pleased to announce that they are sole Sponsors for Anxiety UK’s “FACE YOUR FEARS WEEK” 25 September to 2 October 2011.