OCFighter™ is an online program for Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD). It uses the evidence based approach known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT for short. The program teaches the best practice CBT technique to help with OCD called Exposure with Ritual Prevention.

OCFighter™ is derived from research by Professor Baer, Greist, and Marks. Their research showed how computerised therapy was effective in reducing the amount of time spent on obsessions and rituals as much as clinician led therapy. This research involved RCT’s in the US and the UK.

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OCFighter is backed by scientific psychological studies
  • OCFighter™ is backed by five independent studies and one Randomised Control Trial (RCT)

  • The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recognised the “absolute clinical efficacy” of OCFighter™ in 2005

  • OCFighter™ is based upon research that shows users can achieve a reduction in the time spent on obsessions and rituals as much as those treated by a real therapist

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How can OCFighter™ help you?

Patients with anxiety disorders use many mental healthcare resources, since such disorders are effectively treated by self-exposure therapy guided by a clinician. However, the waiting list for these services are very long and suitably trained therapists are scarce. Therefore, many are still at present untreated.

OCD not only affects the sufferer but often family and friends find themselves involved in the person’s OCD by doing rituals for them or finding they have to give them lots of reassurance. This can really affect a person’s relationships with those who are close to them.

Not only can OCFighter™ help someone overcome the OCD, they will have a knock-on effect on their daily life and relationships with others.

9 Step Program

Learn about OCD, CBT and Exposure and Ritual Prevention (ERP)

Work out how much your OCD costs you in time and money.

Identify the triggers for your rituals and obsessions and learn some coping tactics.

Look at how OCD affects a person’s thoughts

Create ERP goals to help you overcome your OCD.

Review your ERP experience and get help with dealing with issues such as being afraid harm may result.

Review your ERP experience and learn how to use your exposure diary effectively.

Review your ERP experience and get help with issues such as dealing with depression and dissociation.

Learn how to use up the free time gained from being free of obsessions and rituals with pleasant activities and how to deal with setbacks.

Ready to overcome your OCD?

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