Manage Your Obsessive Complussive Desires

OCFighter™ is a proven self-help program to overcome OCD and its tendencies

Learn to let go of “must have” medications


Control your cleaning and ritual impulses


Understand the reasons behind OCD and learn how to manage them

100% Online

OCFighter™ is available anywhere you have Internet connection: the cafe, library, at home or at the office

24/7 Access

Continue OCFighter™ on your lunch break, at home, or on holiday. Available all day, everyday.

At Your Pace

Each of the sessions can be stopped and started at any point, giving you the ability to work at your own pace

With or Without a Practitioner

OCFighter™ can be complimented with a practioner, but it is not essential

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How Does OCFigter Work?

The OCFighter™ program teaches us the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and our behaviours. It shows how the interaction between these can cause OCD problems to persist. It explains how the main technique of Exposure and Response Preventions works (identifying triggers for obsessions/rituals, gradually exposing oneself to these triggers and preventing rituals). This is a well proven strategy that helps OCD sufferers break free from the rituals and compulsions that interfere with daily life.

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  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Emails at the end of each step


  • Purchase all CCBT Programs
  • FearFighter: Panic & Phobia
  • Healthy Lifestyles Program (HLP): Smoking, Dieting, and Healthy Living
  • OCFighter: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Restore: Insomnia
  • Shade: Addiction with Depression
  • *Platinum does not include one-on-one therapy

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